I come into P&A Scholars Beauty School to have my hair styled by Catessa W.  When I come to P&A I feel celebrated the students always make me feel welcome.  I have my hair styled, my pedicure and my manicure.  She even waxes my eybrows and the little hairs that sometimes grow on my chin and I am so grateful I recently was a model in a fashion show and Catessa also helped the models prepare their clothes, and to change for the different scenes.  I previously went to a salon where I didn’t feel celebrated but at P&A Scholars I am grateful that I have the opportunity to be celebrated.

Connie Jackson  2014


I have come to P&A Scholars for 5-6 years.  I started coming because I could not press my daughters hair without burning her scalp.  I came to P&A and have no problem.  I get her eyebrows arched, I can get a color, the best shampoo, scalp massage, pedicure, they just do it all.  I go to both locations to get the best service and I will always be a P&A Scholars Customer and I will always refer family and friends.

Vivien K   July 2014


I am pleased to be a customer of P&A Scholars Beauty School.  have been a customer for about 4 yrs.  I love to get my coupons stamped for free styles.  The girls are very friendly and always do a great job and are sure to ask questions of their instructors if they are concerned.  I highly recommend P&A Scholars

Charlene Johnson  September 2014